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Hi! We're Red Hot Labs.

We're on a mission to revolutionize how mobile developers harness their data. Our product, still in beta, functions as the central hub for all the services mobile developers already use.

By weaving together the data from these disparate services, we gain a comprehensive view of the app and are uniquely positioned to deliver insights and value back to the developer.

This isn't our first trip around the block. Our first startup was acquired by Zynga while we were in the nascent stages of building FarmVille. We launched and grew Farmville to hundreds of millions of users. Additionally, our core technology became the cornerstone of all of Zynga's most successful games. It was a wild ride, and now we’re full steam ahead on a new adventure.

We're looking for passionate, energetic, highly talented engineers to join our team. We believe in constantly challenging ourselves to learn new things and would love to teach you what we know and learn from you as well.

Check out the profiles of candidates we're interested in.

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