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Amitt Mahajan | Founder, CEO
Amitt pumps out insane volumes of high quailty code and medium quality puns on a daily basis. With an awesome eye for product and an inspiring vision for the company, Amitt is a force to be reckoned with.

Joel Poloney | Founder
Joel quietly keeps everything at RHL humming smoothly, from servers to payroll. An experienced systems architect with an impeccable eye for detail, Joel is also a super great guy. He can be found scarfing down pretzels at Oktoberfest in Germany or shredding the gnar in Tahoe.

Dave Pekar | Product Guy
Dave spearheads product for RHL, but secretly wishes he was an engineer and contributes code whenever possible. A true generalist, Dave delights equally in wireframing, analyzing, copywriting, hacking, teambuilding, processizing and skateboarding around the office.


SV Angel · Andreesen Horowitz · General Catalyst · Greylock Partners · IT-Farm
Keith Rabois · Chris Dixon · Bill Tai · Matt Ocko · Several other great partners.